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The experts at Design Vision are available to help you or your company with solutions that are configured to assist with your building inspection requirements. Our drone kits will not only allow you to visually inspect the entire building, but also use thermal technology to check for hot spots. This enables you to safely and quickly check the status of the structure. As well as to help you identify defects, leakage, and corrosion issues, without having to spend on additional personnel and equipment. Design Vision offers drone solutions to benefit you or your company when it comes to inspecting roofs.

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Drones have become the most economical type of platform for the inspection of the thousands of miles of pipelines transporting oil and gas around the world. These infrastructures must constantly be monitored to reduce the potential for undetected leaks, which in the past have caused life threatening fires and explosions. With thermal imaging the temperature differences between fluid and soil can be picked up easily and oil and gas leaks detected. Hovering at low altitudes over the pipelines with special cameras and sensors, operators can send information to the assessor showing the pipe’s condition.

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Design Vision take advantage of the latest technology, using an ultra-high-performance, professional drone to fly over your solar energy plants. Using high-tech drones allows us to identify all defective panels. It is equipped with a thermal camera which scans each solar panel and identifies the hotspots that indicate faults.

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With our drone service, Railway tracks/Station and bridges can be easily monitor, and we can provide its collect images, video, LiDAR surveys and other data, with of course in low cost and short time.

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Both on and off shore — require frequent inspection and maintenance to ensure safety and avoid failure. Currently, the main methods of inspecting hard-to-reach areas involve shutting down operations, building scaffolding or setting rope lines, and sending an inspector into hazardous areas with a camera. The logistics and danger of these processes, in addition to costly shutdown time required, significantly impacts the bottom line.
Design Vision platform provides high quality aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirement, in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational down time. This innovative, consistently available aerial perspective of operations supports the following key aspects:

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Construction Companies and Construction Management Firms will be pleased to know that Design Vision can offer extremely tailored services for your exact needs. Using Aerial technology to get progression shots of your sites is one way to help keep a detailed log of construction, as it progresses through the phases. The finished product will also be flown, in ultra-high definition, so you have the stunning portfolio that your company needs to represent itself across many spectrums.
You can save time that you would spend on constant site visits – get a lasting proof of site construction progress. You can easily capture cost-effective aerial views and perform building inspections. Get before, during, and after shots, and conduct building surveys. Enrich your portfolio with High Definition photos and videos.

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Drone technology is disrupting entire industries, and it’s finding its use in the wind industry. Due to their nature, wind turbines are high above the ground making their inspection a difficult endeavor. In order to perform a wind turbine inspection, workers have to risk their lives, stop the production and climb high-rise platforms. With drones, there is no need to stop the production or endanger workers.
Drones can capture high-resolution images and 4K videos in a matter of minutes. The footage can be zoomed in and any faults on the wind turbine blade can be easily detected. They can also be quickly inspected, without the measurement errors that come with human inspections. Thermal imagery FLIR camera can detect any energy loss and performance issues. Apart from thermal imagery, drones are equipped with a High Definition camera that can capture beautiful aerial photos and videos you can use in further presentations.

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With our drone inspection for roads, highway, etc. can provide high definition Aerial Photography, video and even point cloud 3d Model which transforms data into visual information, providing an up-to-date visual database of all assets that can be visually inspected
With drone Inspection for roads client can has some major benefits, like, Significantly Reduce Cost, No Traffic Disruption, Rich Variety of Outputs, Small Team with less equipment, Reduced Safety Issues, No Human error and Shorter Time in Field, (For Example: 30 km Two way road, need to be inspect, flying drone it may takes maximum 2 days to gather the data needed for the road condition, where specially crack and its sides area like walk way shows and with the help of GIS, it can determine more detail of road condition, where client can easily estimate of its repair or replace cost.
On the other hand, Traditional method would have taken a week to traverse the same distance by car and on foot with more labor and other accessories


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It is smart for electric utilities, municipalities that manage power utilities to complete power line inspections, electric pole inspections and electric towers inspections but its costly, difficult and even unsafe. While its not always easy to get to every site in the past The Design Vision provides a complete electric inspection solution that covers the PAKISTAN with expert inspection service. The Design Vision can go to electric utility sites previously thought of unsafe, too difficult or costly to perform visual inspections.
With Thermal imaging cameras on Design Vision’s drones can detect loss or abnormal temperatures in electric utilities, and pinpoint the location of the breakdown. Whether you believe you already have a problem at hand, or you just need a routine check-up, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and broke. Defects can cause a serious dent in your budget, but affordable drone thermal imaging can help you prevent serious damage.

Its even harder to inspect electric poles, power lines and electric towers during the winter months when its cold, snowing and generally unsafe weather for an electrician to complete inspections. Our drone service now makes it possible to complete inspections for electric lines, poles and towers any month of the year. While can’t fly in Dense Vegetation, blizzards or hurricanes, our drones can operate in down to -4º to complete aerial electric utility inspections anywhere in the PAKISTAN

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